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Staying in the Zone

There is a wide range of attitudes to climate change exemplified on one side by President Trump, who apparently believes that it is no more than a Chinese hoax, and on the other by seriously-concerned scientists who believe that it may be all too late. What position should a rational, non-expert, citizen take? The rational […]

The Next Six Months

  The Next Six Months is a series of short (around 10 minutes) video discussions between Mark E Thomas and literary agent Peter Cox. The first 25 videos came out daily, and we are now reducing the frequency to weekly. Each one tackles a topical issue from an unusual angle. You can follow them by […]

Remembrance Past and Present

Since the end of the First World War, Remembrance Day has been an occasion to commemorate the members of the Armed Forces who have lost their lives. Initially, it was those who died in World War I who were remembered, but now Remembrance Day encompasses World War II and subsequent conflicts. When we wear a […]

Will America Explode?

The current focus of the news, in virtually every country in the world, is on the American election. To the relief of many and the dismay of not a few, it now looks likely that Joe Biden has won. An analysis framework originally developed to explain why, and where, the Arab Spring happened suggests that […]

Reasons Not to Feed Starving Children

During the summer, Marcus Rashford led a successful campaign which persuaded the government to make a U-turn and provide free school meals to the poorest children during the holiday period. His second campaign – to provide free school meals over the Christmas holiday – has so far been unsuccessful. When the issue came to a […]

London Quakers’ Presentation

Here is an approximate transcript of the presentation Mark E Thomas made to the London Quakers’ Build Back Better Event on 24 October, 2020. We hope to have a video here soon.   Introduction to Whole Group Good morning, everybody. It wasn’t my plan to be doing this. Eight years ago, when I was running […]

What We Can Afford

The notion of unaffordability has been an extremely potent weapon for market fundamentalists. If we can’t afford to do something, it doesn’t matter how desirable it would be to do it, we can’t. It’s not a choice, it’s just reality. A decade of needless austerity was justified with precisely this argument, based on the false […]

The UK and the Rule of Law

We recently wrote about the existence of threats to democracy and the rule of law in the UK, drawing particular attention to the Internal Market Bill. Many members wrote to their MPs, but the Bill nevertheless passed through the Commons and is now with the House of Lords. Does this mean that its passage is […]

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

The government’s rhetoric in relation to its handling of COVID has been superlative – in the literal sense: they have used superlatives to describe their performance. Johnson described the UK test and trace system, for example, as “world-beating.” The statistics tell a more dismal story: the UK has both one of the worst COVID records […]

Time for a New Picture of the Economy?

The conventional picture of how the economy works as shown in economics textbooks depicts a beautiful self-regulating system of supply and demand, which constantly seeks an equilibrium that ensures optimal distribution of resources. But observation of the real world – especially now – makes it very hard to believe that this rosy picture is an […]

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