The 99% Organisation is an inclusive volunteer movement of people who want to end mass impoverishment using peaceful means.

The 99% Organisation calls for Five Key Actions:

  • Governments must govern for the 99%
  • Fact-based policy-making
  • Policies to end mass impoverishment
  • Investing in the future
  • Cleaning up capitalism

Latest News and Analysis

Thick or Thin?

The Queen’s speech is, as Her Majesty pointed out, written by the government. In the case of the speech she delivered on 11 May 2021, opinions seem divided. Some have claimed that there was not much to it. Tim Montgomerie, a former adviser to Number 10 described it as “a thin Queen’s Speech. This is […]

The Meaning of Hartlepool

Labour has lost Hartlepool. A once-safe labour seat now has a Conservative majority of 25%. And a variety of conflicting explanations are already forthcoming, including: the Labour Party still hasn’t recovered from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership; Sir Keir Starmer is not the leader the Labour Party needs – with over 150,000 dead from COVID in the […]

Three Risks to the NHS

In the UK, the NHS is widely regarded as a national treasure. It ensures that every member of the population, regardless of their level of wealth, has access to healthcare when they need it – and it is free at the point of use. In many countries, healthcare bills can be a serious concern. In […]

Events for Members

NHS Project Meeting

This is the regular meeting of the NHS project.  Please contact Mark, if you would like to know more.

Generation 99

This is a regular meeting of the Generation 99 Project. If you would like to get involved, please contact Owen.

North / West Group Meeting

This is a regular meeting for anyone in the North & West or — since we are virtual now — anywhere at all who wants to find out more about what is going on, to hear about our projects, or just to meet other members. Please contact Helena for more details.

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