The 99% Organisation is an inclusive volunteer movement of people who want to end mass impoverishment using peaceful means.

The 99% Organisation calls for Five Key Actions:

  • Governments must govern for the 99%
  • Fact-based policy-making
  • Policies to end mass impoverishment
  • Investing in the future
  • Cleaning up capitalism

Latest News and Analysis

Herd Impunity?

Like any group of people, the Cabinet has some members with more ability than others and some with more integrity than others. Unlike other groups, it appears that members of the Cabinet who lack competence and integrity are immune from consequences. All of those pictured above would – had they been employed by any normal […]

Staying in the Zone

There is a wide range of attitudes to climate change exemplified on one side by President Trump, who apparently believes that it is no more than a Chinese hoax, and on the other by seriously-concerned scientists who believe that it may be all too late. What position should a rational, non-expert, citizen take? The rational […]

The Next Six Months

  The Next Six Months is a daily series of short (around 10 minutes) video discussions between Mark E Thomas and literary agent Peter Cox. Each one tackles a topical issue from an unusual angle. You can follow them on a daily basis by subscribing to the 99% YouTube channel. But if you have missed […]

Events for Members

Herefordshire 2030: Innovative Finance with Tony Greenham

Local authorities have seen their budgets cut dramatically over the last decade, and this constrains their ability to support local people and businesses. Nevertheless, innovative approaches such as the Preston model (which Herefordshire Council is already in the process of implementing) can improve results even in the face of cuts. Tony is Executive Director of […]

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