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What is Mass Impoverishment?

Mass Impoverishment (noun)

The process in which even as the economy continues to grow richer, many people find themselves getting poorer year after year.


1. Mass impoverishment means that we are looking at the first generation in living memory that expects to be poorer than its parents.

2. Many countries suffer from mass impoverishment: the US since 2000 and the UK since 2010.

The Book

If the economy is doing so well, how can most people not be doing well? If the pie is growing, why aren’t we all getting bigger slices? If we are so well-off, why is our children’s generation set to be worse-off than its predecessors?

“If you are concerned about your future but would never dream of reading a book about the economy… you should read this one!”

– Hugh Pym, BBC Health Editor and former Chief Economics Correspondent

The Organisation

The 99% Organisation is an inclusive grass-roots movement, inspired by the Occupy movement, of people who want to end mass impoverishment using peaceful means.

Its members come from all parts of society; they are people like you who are determined to help. If you are young, gifted and black, we want you. If you are male, pale and stale, we want you. Whether you are a beggar, a barber, a banker or a billionaire, we want you.

The 99% Organisation aims to make mass impoverishment a key issue for Government, and to drive serious policy change. We want to build a world in which by 2050, everyone is at least 50% better-off than today.

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