Coronavirus: It’s not the Economy vs Public Health

This is a guest article by two of the UK’s leading public health researchers, Nisreen A Alwan, Associate Professor in Public Health and Nida Ziauddeen, Senior Research Assistant in Public Health, both of the University of Southampton Protecting the economy versus protecting health is a false dichotomy. However in the context of ending the lockdown, they […]

Fixing the Deal

Most millennials believe that the baby-boomer generation had it easy, and that unless something changes, their own life chances will be much less rosy than their parents’. Not everyone is persuaded that they are right. Some believe that – given that most 20-year-olds walk around with more computing power in their pocket than NASA could […]

Who are the high-value people?

The distribution of income in society is controlled by a natural law, [which] if it worked without friction, would give to every agent of production the amount of wealth [added value] which that agent creates.   J B Clark J B Clark suggests that there is natural law, the so-called ‘law of marginal productivity,’ which […]

What Would Be A ‘Good Result’ For The UK’s Death Toll?

“At too many companies, the boss shoots the arrow of managerial performance and then hastily paints the bull’s-eye around the spot where it lands.”   Warren Buffett Stephen Powis, the Medical Director of National Health Service England commented in late March that keeping the death toll from coronavirus under 20,000 would be a “good result.” […]

Interview with Mark E Thomas

The 99% Organisation’s London Group Chair, Paul Bradford, took time out to pose a few challenging questions to Mark. Here are his questions, and Mark’s answers.   PB: We are now looking at a huge level of government debt post the crisis, well above the level at the time the book 99% was written. But […]

Are We All In It Together?

On 20 March, the UK government announced an unprecedented package of support during the coronavirus lockdown. More or less simultaneously, the US announced a $1 trillion support package. The packages were designed to protect both individuals and businesses. As the Sun reported, Boris Johnson made it clear that, “we are all in this together.” But […]

How Well is Lockdown Working?

We recently (15 April, 2020) wrote an article suggesting that the UK lockdown was working – although there were serious gaps in the government’s lockdown strategy – but that it was too early to say how well it was working. With the passage of time, we have more information. And that information confirms not only […]

Making the Profit Motive a Force for Good

We recently wrote about the need to fix our current form of capitalism by creating clean, competitive markets. One of the key points in that article was the need to penalise those businesses which externalise their costs, so that the most ethical businesses will also be the most profitable and the forces of competition will […]

The Coronavirus Animation

One of our most popular articles is this one explaining the dynamics of the virus in non-mathematical terms. Now we have gone one better with this animation. Click here to view.