Who is The 99% Organisation?

A quick introduction to some of the key members

The Co-ordinating Committee of The 99% Organisation

  • Mark E Thomas -- Founder and Spokesman

    Mark E Thomas is the author of 99%. He has spent most of his career in business; for many years he ran the Strategy practice at PA Consulting Group.

    During this time, he began to explore whether the tools and techniques of business strategy could be applied to understanding the health and stability of countries. This research led him to the uncomfortable conclusion that many developed countries – including the US and the UK – are unwittingly pursuing economic policies which will result in the unwinding of 20th century civilisation before we reach the year 2050. Hearteningly, he also concluded that this fate is entirely avoidable.

    Mark is also the author of The Complete CEO, and The Zombie Economy. Mark has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University.

    You can contact Mark on mark.e.thomas@99-percent.org

  • Paul Bradford -- London Region Co-ordinator and Treasurer

    Paul is the London Region Co-ordinator for The 99% Organisation and also acts as Treasurer.  

    Paul has recently retired from a career spent initially in management consulting and latterly in financial services.  He spent the last 18 years in Standard Chartered Bank, in global roles responsible for technology, operations, governance and management of major change programmes.  

    Paul lives in Ealing, London, and is a trustee of the charity Young Ealing Foundation.

    You can contact Paul on paul.bradford@99-percent.org for help on anything to do with groups in or near London.

  • Andrew Prentis -- Environmental Advisor to The 99% Organisation

    Andrew is a veterinary surgeon turned environmental activist. He now chooses to use his scientific background, contacts and expertise to work with political, academic and social organisations to work towards the very significant changes in thinking and action that are going to be required at all levels of society if our species and ecosystem are going to survive the challenges currently facing us.

  • Heather Smith – Communications Advisor to The 99% Organisation


    Heather is communications advisor to The 99% Organisation and a member of the London group.

    She recently retired from a career in corporate communications where she worked for financial, technology and professional services organisations including EY, UBS, IBM and most recently Accuity, part of RELX Group.

    Heather lives in Kingston upon Thames and you can contact her on heather.smith@99-percent.org

    For any urgent media enquiries, please call 07710 294 845.

  • Diana Toynbee -- Political Advisor to The 99% Organisation

    Diana has worked for Oxfam and in education and training, in the Philippines, France and the UK.

    As a Green Party co-ordinator she has stood for election to Westminster and Brussels, and was recently elected to Herefordshire County Council and City Council. She campaigns for an economy that is healthier for people, nature and society.

  • Rich Wylor-Owen -- National Groups and West-Midlands Region Co-ordinator


    Rich is the National Groups Co-ordinator for The 99% Organisation,  providing support and guidance to local groups around the UK, as well as being West-Midlands Region Co-ordinator.

    He is a recently retired military officer with thirty years experience, his last three spent overseas working with a NATO Force Headquarters.

    He brings a wide range of experience, including planning, strategy development and implementation, tactical messaging – and a lively sense of humour!

    You can contact Rich on rich.wylor-owen@99-percent.org