Suella Braverman is perhaps the most poisonous member of the cabinet today. Her recent speech — seen by many in her party as an attempt to win the support of the farthest of the far-right in the next Conservative Party leadership battle — was particularly vile. It was welcomed by the “white pride” organisation, the Patriotic Alternative Group — an offshoot of the BNP.

Many people from across the political spectrum would like to see her sacked again. But what can we do?

The answer is surprisingly simple: write to your MP. Many people feel that writing to their MP is either daunting or pointless, but at a time like the present, neither is true:

  • When the government is secure, it is true, writing is both dispiriting and often ineffective, and even now you may well not get a satisfactory response — but that is not the point: the point is to rattle them;
  • When MPs fear for their personal prospects, writing is hugely effective – it is what finally did for Johnson and Truss;
  • Writing is surprisingly easy: it should only take you five minutes and the only thing you need to know is your own address.

Right now, Braverman is threatening some of these MPs’ seats. The polls are already sending a message, and if MPs get a large number of letters from constituents saying “we will never vote Conservative unless Braverman goes now” the message will be unmistakeable.

Do not be discouraged: remember that it was poor polling results and letters to MPs that got rid of Johnson and Truss.

Writing is surprisingly easy

For those who have never done it before, do not worry, these notes make it very quick and easy:

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent – and if you have never written before, say so: the fact that people other than ‘the usual suspects’ are writing to them concentrates an MP’s mind
  • Be polite – don’t give them a reason to ignore the letter
  • Make it personal – eg. “I have seen the effects of racism …” and make it clear that you will never vote Conservative in the future if they do not act now, in the national interest
  • Be specific about the action you expect the MP to take – right now, we suggest: “Please now write to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee calling for a vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister unless Braverman goes.”
  • Keep your letter short – just a few lines is ideal.

Actually writing to them is easy. This website will find all the details you need and even send your email for you: All you need to do is to prepare the text of your letter and paste it in.