How You Can Help

The key skills that can help us to achieve our goals

How You Can Help


In addition to our projects, which are always looking for additional members, there are many other ways in which you can help us to achieve our long-term goal of ending mass impoverishment.

There are some examples below – but if you have special skills that are not mentioned, do get in touch on

Type of skill How you could contribute
Membership & recruitment We now have around 1,300 members – and we need many more before the next election. If you have experience in growing the membership of progressive organisations like ours, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact



If you are an artist, animator, cartoonist, songwriter, filmmaker, poet or playwright, you may be able to help us to communicate our ideas in ways which reach people for whom graphs and discursive text do not really cut it

If you are skilled in infographics and data visualisation, we can use your creations across all our media



We have an increasing number of political contacts, and wish to increase this in the future

IT, website and analytical



If you can help with search engine optimisation or any other aspect of website management, let us know

If you have skills in database management – e.g. Microsoft Access, we have projects that could use them

Social media  

We are currently using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. On all of these, we know that we could do better


As we do more in more different formats, brand consistency becomes important. If you can help design and implement brand guidelines, let us know


We are reaching out to and cooperating with an ever greater range of organisations – and we need some help coordinating it all


Join the members of the 99% movement in creating a fairer future.

We will not contact you without your permission. If you want to receive weekly or monthly updates, be sure to tick the box.

We will not sell or give your details to any other organisation without your express permission.