Why Decoupling is Central to Tackling the Climate Emergency

‘Decoupling’ means finding ways to grow the economy without damaging the environment (decoupling the growth from the damage). In this article we explain why, despite some recent arguments to the contrary, decoupling is possible; and, even more importantly, it is critical to the success of any attempt to tackle climate change. A recent paper on […]

BBC Hereford & Worcester Interview

The BBC’s Kate Justice did an excellent Interview with Mark E Thomas. Listen here, and as Kate says, please do sign-up  and join the 99% Organisation. And you can read more about the Herefordshire 2030 project here.

From Russia With Love

After long delays and a surprising twist in the appointment of the Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (the ISC), the Russia Report has finally been published. Unsurprisingly, it has been redacted – and quite cleverly. Instead of the conventional black rectangles, the redactions are marked with a trio of asterisks ***. […]

Talk to Harvard Advanced Leadership Program

This is an approximate transcript of a talk Mark E Thomas gave to the Harvard Advanced Leadership Program on 21 July, 2020.  And we now have the video available here.   Good afternoon. As Doris said, I’m going to talk a bit and try to leave a lot of time for discussion. My key point […]

An Open Letter to Independent SAGE

Here are our suggestions for Independent SAGE. If you agree with one or both of these suggestions, do let Independent SAGE know here.   10 July 2020 Professor Sir David King and Colleagues The Independent SAGE Group   Dear Independent SAGE Group, SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR NEXT STEPS You asked for suggestions and questions from the […]

The World Post-COVID

This is a transcript of a presentation given by Mark E Thomas to the BMW Responsible Leaders Forum on July 1, 2020. If you prefer, you can watch the video here. As Tom said, tonight’s presentation is divided into three parts, and the first part is looking at what kind of a world we might […]

Herefordshire 2030

Thursday, 16 July 2020 saw the launch of the Herefordshire 2030 project. The event was chaired by Herefordshire Councillor, Diana Toynbee, and the speakers were Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and Mark E Thomas of the 99% organisation. The event was recorded, and we hope to be able to show the video soon […]

TalkRADIO Interviews

Here is Mark’s second interview with TalkRADIO – here he talks with Darryl Morris. The first interview, with Paul Ross, is here.

The 99% Documentary

We can now let you see the long-awaited documentary by the Screenspace team. Click here to see it on YouTube. If this matters to you, please do sign-up  and join the 99% Organisation.

Is Market Fundamentalism Immune to COVD-19?

In 2016, I shared an early draft of the book 99% with a friend. When he read Chapter 4, which deals with the philosophy of market fundamentalism, he commented, “nobody serious thinks like this.” And at the time, that was a plausible reading of UK politics. When she became Prime Minister, Theresa May’s first speech […]