At first glance, it seems that it might not have been a very good week for JRM. Especially after reclinergate.

Certainly, the media are generally assuming that last week went badly for the Tory party – losing the vote in both houses, dropping 21 MPs, the brother of the PM and a cabinet minister doesn’t sound good – but it may be exactly what the new cabinet wanted.

They now have complete control over the UK’s most effective vote-winning machine. What is effectively a new party has taken possession of all the Tory party’s most valuable strategic assets, and is planning to use them ruthlessly.

This is what traditional Tories think.

And this is why it matters.

Strategic Assets What is the same What has changed
The Tory Party brand Its official name is the Conservative and Unionist party We now have a new party, the Market Fundamentalist party, operating under the cloak of Conservatism – even though it is radical rather than conservative, and quite prepared to sacrifice the Union.


The House of Commons The Tory party still has more MPs than any other single party The other parties do not seem to understand the full gravity of what is happening and risk fighting the wrong battle
The Newspapers Many newspapers are owned by market fundamentalists (The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, etc) and will provide violent support Those press who do not like the new Tories are revelling in their short-term problems, and not focussing on the big issue
The BBC The BBC will continue to provide ‘balance’… …even though in reality, this means giving extensive airtime to a new and extremist party which under other circumstances they would almost ignore
Ground organisation They have a constituency organisation in every constituency Many of the former Tory MPs – the more moderate ones – are no longer part of an effective machine
Funding They will still have access to the donors who have been backing Johnson’s campaign They may be able to tap into the Brexit Party funders if the pact goes ahead.

And they will shortly launch a £100m public misinformation campaign

Voters Many lifelong Tory voters will still vote for them Voters who don’t like them are fragmented

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