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"To see a better future laid out on the cards, we need to open eyes and we need to work hard. Fight on, fight on, fight on…"

Today’s Median Wage: £23,920

2020 UK figure

Projected 2050 Median Wage: £15,846

2020 prices, post COVID, continued austerity.

Sources: ONS, 99% analysis

Who are the 99% Organisation?

We are a peaceful group who want a fairer future for the UK: we work to drive serious policy change to protect the interests of the 99% (those
earning less than £120k/year).

We believe our current government is actively damaging UK people’s prospects, for example via continuing austerity measures, undermining an individual’s right to protest, and creating the means and motive to privatise the NHS.

Without counter-action, the future is worrying.

Help us fight for a fairer future!

  1. Get the facts – learn how our government’s policies are needlessly causing mass impoverishment
  2. Join a project – including working to save the NHS, lobbying government, and planning for a greener future
  3. Spread the word – check out our social media and tell your friends and family about our work. Use your voice!



Whatever your age, gender, sexuality, race or party, we want you;
Whether you are a busker, a barber, or a banker, we want you;
Whether you have a lot of time or a little, we want you!


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