The 99% Organisation is not affiliated with any political party.

But it clearly stands against mass impoverishment and against the market fundamentalist philosophy.

As many people – including John Major, Lord Heseltine, Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond, David Gauke, Anna Soubry and others – have noted, the party that still calls itself the Conservative and Unionist party has been taken over by the extreme right. And its plans threaten the basis of our constitution.

For that reason, in this election, we believe that it is vital that the Conservative party should not be re-elected. Fortunately, recent polls suggest that as few as 40,000 votes in key marginals might be enough to prevent them from forming a majority and implementing their plans. Tactical voting is the only way to make this happen.

Here is a link to a tactical voting site which will tell you which party, in your constituency, is most likely to prevent a Conservative majority. The stakes are now extremely high, so even if you have never in your life voted for that party, now is the time to hold your nose, grit your teeth and do it.