Herefordshire 2030

Making Herefordshire greener, fairer and more prosperous

HerefordshireHerefordshire, with a population of some 200,000 people is one of the UK’s most attractive counties. It contains a great cathedral city and beautiful countryside. Like the rest of the UK, it also has many problems – economic, social and environmental – many of which have worsened during austerity.

Since it may take some time to change government policy, we decided to explore what the county could do for itself, without waiting.

The aim of this project is to develop a clear, compelling and fact-based picture of how Herefordshire in 2030 can be fairer, greener and more prosperous than today. It will also show the actions that will need to be taken to achieve that progress, and how they can be realised. And it will develop a practical plan to engage those who will need to make it happen. Here is the launch event, and here is the interim report.

Herefordshire Council has recently published a Big Economic Plan. The project team has responded to that plan with a powerful new report Where’s the Beef? which shows how to plug the gaps it contains and turn it into a viable and implementable programme, driven by and for the county as a whole. We have received very positive feedback on that report and are now engaging with all interested parties to see how to realise its promise.

The project will also be developing a tool-kit that will enable other regions or cities to explore the same question.

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