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Understanding the Coup

This is a transcript of the 99% Launch presentation at the IPPR on Tuesday, 3 September 2019. Understanding the Coup A week ago, I thought I had my presentation ready. I thought my job was to show you some facts about mass impoverishment, to explain what will happen if current trends continue and to persuade […]

How To Make a Killing from Brexit

This note is satire, not investment advice. If you are not already following the strategies it sets out, you are unlikely to make money by doing so now. But you ought to know what others are doing. The Prime Minister said last month that a no-deal Brexit was a “massive economic opportunity.” All serious analysts […]

Should we Blame the Boomers?

The story is very familiar: millennials are struggling, and it is the fault of the Baby Boomers. As Yvonne Roberts put it in The Guardian, “The post-war generation, now retiring in luxury, stands accused of a wilful failure to safeguard young people’s interests…’baby boomer’ is a toxic phrase, shorthand for greed and selfishness, for denying […]

Can We Tackle Climate Change And End Mass Impoverishment?

Many people have the sense that our current system just isn’t working. The urgency of tackling climate change is becoming ever more obvious. Most people are poorer now than they were in 2007, and with the real possibility of a no-deal Brexit, they fear that they may become poorer still. And vital national institutions like […]

A No-Deal Brexit is a Vulture Policy Without a Mandate

Brexit is complicated. There are only three options – no Brexit (Remain), Brexit with a deal and no-deal Brexit – but each option is flawed. Remain has economic attractions, but there is no mandate for it; Brexit with a deal limits the downside and does have a mandate but has little political support. Only one […]

99% on TalkRADIO

Here is Mark E Thomas being interviewed by TalkRADIO’s Paul Ross. Paul found the book, “Fascinating and Inspirational”  

Do we have a problem of mass impoverishment in the UK?

Opinions clearly vary. Professor Philip Alston, United Nations special rapporteur on extreme poverty commented of the UK, “14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line,1 and 1.5 million are destitute, unable to afford basic essentials.2 The widely respected Institute for […]

Was Austerity Necessary?

Even to ask the question seems absurd. We all know the answer: we have heard it so many times. As David Cameron put it, “To every mother, father, grandparent, uncle, aunt – I would ask this question.  When you look at the children you love, do you want to land them with a legacy of […]

The UK stands at A Crossroads

Boris Johnson has promised to usher in a new Golden Age. The UK, he says, will be “clean, green, prosperous, united, confident and ambitious.” The period from 1945-1980 was the Golden Age of Capitalism, followed by the Age of Market Capitalism from 1980 to 2015. As the chart below indicates, Johnson is quite right that […]

The Power(?) of Positive Thinking

Our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is a big advocate of positive thinking. Indeed its power is at the heart of his plan to deliver Brexit, unite the country, defeat Jeremy Corbyn and energise the UK. The New Scientist claims that there may be downsides to relying so heavily on emotion and so lightly on […]

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