Dear Member,

Johnson has made it clear that he will not go quietly. And even if his departure is now inevitable, he can still do an immense amount of damage before he leaves.

So this week, we are asking you to make sure your MP knows your views on our Prime Minister.

What Johnson can still do

Charles Walker, a former Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee has said that Johnson’s departure from Number 10 is now “inevitable.” Johnson is reported to have replied that it would take a tank division to get him out. His response highlights what has become increasingly obvious: that he will sacrifice anyone and anything — including UK democracy itself — to cling onto power for a little longer.

At first glance, it might seem to matter little if he does cling on a few more weeks. But when you look at his plans for the immediate future, it seems that the damage he can still do is enormous. He plans to create a quasi-presidential system with Steve Barclay as his new ‘Chief of Staff.’ And he  has a pipeline of legislation in parliament which will permanently put at risk the social contract in the UK.

The Elections Bill will make it impossible to vote without photo ID which younger and poorer people tend not to have. As David Davis said, it is “an illiberal solution to a non-existent problem.” The Police Bill will make the UK one of the only European countries not to have the right of peaceful protest. The Courts Bill will reduce our ability to hold the government to account legally. The drafting of many new Bills — including the NHS Bill — contains ‘disguised legislation’ enabling the government to create new laws simply by publishing documents, without parliamentary or other scrutiny. As the Lords’ Committee on Delegated Powers said:

“The Health and Care Bill is a clear and disturbing illustration of how much disguised legislation a Bill can contain and offends against the democratic principles of parliamentary scrutiny.


As Ken Clarke recently warned us, we are dangerously close to becoming an elected dictatorship.Please do all you can to help speed Johnson’s departure.

What Can I Do?

You may feel that you can have no impact on the timing of Johnson’s departure: that is not true.

Recent weeks have shown — eg in relation to the Sewage and Corruption scandals — how seriously MPs take it when they receive large numbers of letters from constituents. If they are worried about their own re-election, they will write to the 1922 Committee.

And the #JohnsonOut[day number] campaign on Twitter organised by GOV2UK has been the top-trending hashtag every day for the past 2 weeks. Today is #JohnsonOut14.

If you have a Conservative MP, now is a vitally important time to write to them and explain that under no circumstances will you vote Conservative while Johnson remains in charge (that is the argument they will find most persuasive). A three-line letter will be enough. These notes may be helpful to you.

If you are active on social media, especially Twitter, join and amplify the campaign.