The Next Six Months is a daily series of short (around 10 minutes) video discussions between Mark E Thomas and literary agent Peter Cox.

Each one tackles a topical issue from an unusual angle.

You can follow them on a daily basis by subscribing to the 99% YouTube channel. But if you have missed any, here is a table of those we have done so far. And it also gives suggestions for further reading for those who want more detail.

Here are the latest episodes:

Episode Contents Link Further reading
13: Remaking the State The lead article in last Friday’s Economist says that the Tory Party has a misguided plan to remake the state. Are they right?
12: Cummings & Goings What does the departure of arguably the most powerful man in Britain, Dominic Cummings, from Downing Street mean in practice? Is Market Fundamentalism Immune to COVD-19? – 99% (
11: COVID & Brexit Overall, COVID and a no-deal Brexit are both disastrous. But Could they be profit opportunities… for some people?



And here are the first 10:

Episode Contents Link Further reading
10: How is the UK Government Performing? Boris Johnson says that his government’s performance is world-beating.

Mark has been looking at the numbers and reached a rather different conclusion.
9: What’s wrong with Meritocracy Meritocracy sounds great. But do we live in one? And if we did, would that be good? No, and not necessarily, says Mark.
8: Wealth and Power – The Deadly Embrace In a democracy, it is one man or woman, one vote. Right? In this episode we explore how true that really is, and the deadly embrace between wealth and power. Chapter 6 of 99%

7: Going Post-Truth Policies based on myths — such as Austerity — have been very damaging to the UK.

In this episode, we explore why we continue to fall for them. Part 2 of 99%

6: The Myth of Unaffordability                



We are constantly hearing that the government “can’t afford” to fund the NHS or feed starving children over Christmas. And yet money can easily be found for cronies of the Cabinet. What is going on? And why do we keep falling for the myth?





Chapter 12 of 99%

5: Should We Balance The Books? Politicians are constantly telling us that because of the state of public finances, we need to “balance the books.” In this episode we explore the extent to which this makes sense – or not. Chapter 12 of 99%

4: Will America Explode? It now looks virtually certain that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the US. But using an analysis developed to understand the Arab Spring suggests that maintaining stability may not be easy.
3: What Keeps You Up At Night? In this episode we consider some of the scenarios which the UK faces – and some of them really will keep you up night! Chapter 7 of 99%
2: How Did We Get Here? For the first time in recent history, the children of today’s adults look set to be poorer than their parents. This is no accident: it’s the result of a specific political ideology. Chapters 3 & 4 of 99%

1: Where Are We? In this first episode, we step back from the detail and look at where the UK and the US stand today. Chapter 2 of 99%