The 99% Organisation aims to help end mass impoverishment, to make sure that future generations, rather than expecting to be poorer than their parents, can expect to be more prosperous, in a greener world.

The Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) brings people and ideas together to resolve the challenges of our time. Its recent work on Bridges to the Future is designed to unlock ideas and innovation in the areas of society that must thrive so we can all live well – to identify how the world could, and should, change after the pandemic.

We would both like to invite you to join us at this special event to launch Herefordshire 2030 — a 99% project which will map out how Herefordshire can become a greener, fairer and more prosperous county by 2030 – and to hear about Bridges to the Future.

For the RSA, this is an important part of Bridges to the Future and the launch will be your chance to hear more about this approach to change from RSA Chief Executive, Matthew Taylor.

For the 99% Organisation, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of bottom-up action. Mark E Thomas, 99% Founder, will explain more of the ideas behind Herefordshire 2030.

The Chair for the event will be Herefordshire Councillor and Green Party spokesperson, Diana Toynbee.

A Q&A will follow each speaker and will give us an opportunity to begin to think together about how this approach for change can be used in other regions and cities.

We hope this event will generate ideas and connections for developing local capacity for change in Herefordshire and beyond.

Please book your place using the ‘Book Now’ button you will see here.