There are already many calls to unlock the economy quickly. And it is clear that these are dangerous. But economic damage from the lockdown is huge and the alternative is not clear. Indeed some studies, correctly pointing out that a short lockdown would not be enough, have given the impression that there is no alternative but lockdown until 2022.  This risks making the case for rapid unlock seem more persuasive.

But there are other options, including industrial-scale testing, tracing and isolation. There are several variants of this idea in circulation, though not widely. Here is a simple version.

Many thanks to those epidemiologists who have who have already given feedback. I am always grateful for more.

Read more here: Ending Lockdown v3

If you are concerned that policy-makers may decide what to do on the basis that their choices are limited to either unlock / don’t unlock (probably the two worst options), please share this with your MP.

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