3d-book-mockup-transparentFast Leader magazine carries an article about 99%  in its March issue. It quotes Martin Wolf of the Financial Times saying:

“This book makes three main arguments. First, the middle class is under extreme pressure and may vanish. Second, many of the constraints on purposive action in response, such as presumed fiscal limits or the view that taxes should never be raised, are myths. Finally, the needed reset is possible without revolutionary change. We can ensure a growing economy from which everybody benefits. The time for assessing such arguments has now arrived.”

The article goes on to summarise the messages of the book and, given its readership, focuses particularly on the point that that capitalism needs to be reformed, to create clean, competitive markets.

As the article says, “The 99% Organisation aims to make mass impoverishment a key issue for Government, and to drive serious policy change. We want to build a world in which by 2050, everyone is at least 50% better-off than today.”

If this matters to you, please do sign up and join the 99% Organisation.